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The band was formed in 1993 by two brothers from Seal Beach, Mike (vocals) and Robert Michaelian (lead guitar). The ensuing years were spent meticulously creating our unique blend of cutting edge Death Metal, and integrating a talented ensemble of musicians who would complement our personalities as well as the technically challenging music that we developed.

Dark Days completed its current lineup by adding three additional members. Haywood Payne (drums) from Newport Beach, A O (guitar) from Long Beach, and Steve Thomas (bass) from Riverside. Since these additions, Dark Days has been creating a strong following around Southern California by playing a multitude of shows with bands such as: Deicide, Immolation, Malevolent Creation, Broken Hope, and Dying Fetus. Dark Days also played the 1999 Milwaukee Metal Fest and the Los Angeles Metal Fest in November of 2000.

Dark Days unique blend of cutting edge Death Metal consists of very fast technical riffs, coupled with infectious slow and medium speed crunchy parts. Fast-paced drums, littered with double kicks, serve to fuel the assault driven by the guitars and bass. Rapid style vocals accentuate the fast technical riffs, with heavy and thick vocals accompanying the slow and medium speed sections.

You can visit Dark Days website at Our site includes audio samples in Real Audio and MP3 formats, guest-book registration, metal links, a mailing list and much more.

For more information on Dark Days or to receive a copy of our 3 song CD please contact:

Mike or Robert Michaelian

562.430.3829 (Home) (email)